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Day 32 Fri 25 Mar 11 1770 to Rockhampton

Travel day

semi-overcast 30 °C

From 1770 to the first day in Rocky.
The boss has done such a great job as blog mistress so far that i want to give her another break from typing and try to bring you all up to date on our trip from 1770 to the beef capitol of Australia...Rockhampton.
The first thing i can tell you is that the drive is very boring, with ordinary roads and really long stretches of nothing to see and therefore very tiring "wake me when we get there".
With a stop for breakfast (a roadhouse burger) and a few nature stops we got into Rocky at around 1pm-ish and headed for the van park we had booked into (without doing any research as to its van park rating) "big mistake" but we were so buggered when we got there we just blindly set up the van and got into the cool A/C. Although, on the trip through we were greatly entertained by the amount of Bull statues we saw. There were 10 foot high statues of Brahmans, Herefords, and Santa Gertrudis bulls at the main intersections and on the traffic islands everywhere we looked as well as plenty of smaller 6 footers out the front of or on top of many of the local shops and businesses.
Back to the "big mistake"... Upon setting up the van, the first thing we noticed was the state of the ensuite, it wasnt the hunk of metal hanging loose off the side of the building or the mold that was all over the doors, or even the small pellets of droppings from what we guessed was a rodent of some sort, not even the fact that it hadnt seen a cleaner for quite some time that made us start to wonder, it was the cane toad in the toilet bowl that really got our attention..
Later as we drove out through the park on our way for a drive into Rocky we noticed that all of the vans and cabins we saw were long time residents and some of the cabins had so much either falling off them or added to them that they looked alot like something I've seen many times in inbred cannibal horror movies, (I think we may have been the only "tourists" in the place). 
As tired as we were, we sat there and thought about this place and the mistake we had made, and decided that we would move on to a new place in the morning. 
To Be Continued...
Jimmi xxx

Tina's blog for our travel day- already written before Jimmi surprised me with his "extra" blog notes.  What a sweetie.

Our usual travel day plan in effect. Up at 5.30am, first coffee of the day, walk with boys 6.15-6.45am, second coffee of the day & a snack (this morning fruit salad).  We really started packing up at 7.15am and we were finishes, trailer hooked up, lights tested, dogs secure and at the reception to buy a bottle of Ginger beer by 8.45am.  Told the owner about dinner only because  she asked and her partner came in complaining about the sand flies vogueing this morning - a discussion started not long after we arrived and the bights started appearing.
The weather isn't as humid or the skies clear, actually quite grey which made it pleasant to walk in and work in this morning. We're heading to Rockhampton today and hopefully leave this turn in the weather behind but if we don't, no big deal.
In the blog on Tuesday traveling to 1770 I said we hadn't seen much road kill. Well we're not even at Miriam Vale yet and we've avoided a kangaroo, kookaburra, some birds, something small and furry and Jimmi said some bunnies.  I said "Thumper didn't make it!" and he said "the Easter Bunny might not be coming this year!" Ssshhh don't tell the kids.
The mountain range behind Koorawatha provide a great backdrop for our drive. 
Just a few minutes more and we stop in Bororen for burger and doggy break.
At our next rest stop we had a dilemma "what do you do with the bag of poo when there's no bin?" Now I understand they want you to be responsible for your rubbish and take it with you but how do you transport the bag of poo when the stink is not contained by the bag?  We ended up tying it to the gas cylinder and resting it inside.  No potential for breakage and we can't smell it!
Saw my first echidna outside of a zoo unfortunately being that they are relatively slow moving and we're on a highway ....... not the best result. I'll have to spend more time at The Cedars Cottages in Kangaroo Valley to see an echidna alive and well.
Was that a Wedge tailed eagle? Too quick, was more than likely a large hawk.
Definitely in country Queensland, coal trains and double D cattle trucks!
Drove through Rockhampton and there are enough bull statues of different breeds to let you know you're in cattle country. Some are for businesses with tacky MOO related tag lines like .. ReMOOvalists, LeaseaBULL.
We are on the road out of town and not a four or even three star place. Most of it is permanent residents by the looks of it with plenty of camping space and some powered sites for those passing through. With no slab we realised that if it rained any more as it had been a steady light drizzle all during our setup, that we went back into Rocky and checked out a number of camping shops and BCF to see if they has the outdoor flooring to match the ones we already have - no luck but we did get a EVA style which interlock that will do.
Back at the van park we wet the dogs off for a run since we were the only van in a huge field that backed onto scrub. I got the dogs to run back to Jimmi after I saw roo tracks in the soft soil then looked up to see 3 kangaroos bounding off only 10 meters away and I didn't want the boys to see them and give chase coz we know how much they like to chase!
Sitting down inside after finishing up the last details of the set up, over a cup of coffee we discussed that for the price of $33/n the facilities and condition of this van park was not worth the money especially compared to places we've stayed in to date. With the ensuite moldy walls and doors, a resident toad in the loo (it's Qld) and rodent droppings - we decided to move tomorrow, and looked at our options at Yeppoon and along the coast.  The plan is to half pack up in the morning and then drive down to check out the parks we marked then return, finish pack up and ask for a refund.
We had lovely porterhouse steaks and mash for dinner and an early night. The poor dogs were jumpy - between other dogs barking, big trucks arriving late at night in the park (assuming workers coming home) and then a couple of big bangs that sounded louder than a car backfiring but not a gunshot. Spooked Tank who doesn't like loud noises anyway and he was miserable until we went to bed - ears flat against his head and eyes darting around trying to see everything - he just couldn't settle poor love.

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Day 31 Thu 24 Mar 11 Seventeen Seventy

Jimmi's first blog

sunny 27 °C

1770 there is no future in it.
Hi all,
The boss has been nagging me to write one of these blogs so she can have a day off, so here it is. I've chosen to tell you about our last day in the town of 1770 (so named because that is the year when a bright young sea captain named Jim first steped off his boat and sank up to his waist in mangrove mud in what was later to be called Queensland, but I'm sure that after such a landing this beautifull state could have been called many things that cant be repeated here...)
Our last day in 1770 started as many before it have done with a few coffees in the van and then off for a late breakfast at a local "nosh pit" which just happens to be the name of the place where we had lunch later in the day (but I get ahead of myself).
So its breakfast in Agnes Water and then a bit of a look through a few shops before heading back to the van for a nanna nap following a swim in the pool. By then it was time for lunch so we headed to "The Nosh Pit" for a burger for me and a salad for Tina and then we caught up with the ever loud and lovely Wendy, who I hadnt seen in years (we used to go out together) and her fella, Ed, to catch up on whats been happinin' of late.
After lunch it was back to the van park to slowly pack as much of our stuff up as we could in preperation for our immenant departure. That night we decided to have dinner at the resteraunt "The Deck", that was located in the van park and run by the owners of the park, the view and the setting were magic as was the service, sadly the food was rather ordinary and very over priced.
All in all it was another great day in 1770 or if you believe some historians....*#%¥?! Town.
(I'll throw a pic in somewhere).
Jimmi xx

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This our Rockhampton backyard

It includes at least 3 Kangaroos so far


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Erosion killing off the trees - sad

Better pasture management required here


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Somewhere on the Bruce Highway!


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