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Day 34 Sun 27 Mar 11 Kinka Beach

Blown Away

semi-overcast 29 °C

Another restless interrupted night being woken by itching sand fly bites.  Today we've got to get better medication!
The boys and I had fun trying to follow a very little foreshore path. I ended up taking off my shoes and running around with the boys in one of the mangrove inlets off the lake. We ended up muddy but it was fun.  We continued on the track when we found it again. It was a bit like orienteering, you had to keep finding the path as it petered out at little beaches or backtrack to find an alternative track we hadn't seen the first time. I love that kind of walk and the boys just love running around off lead!
Back at the van, I washed off the boys and then had a shower myself. I think I have more bites  than yesterday even though I've put on the Bushman's.
Well the wind certainly picked up - by the time we started into Rocky the winds were becoming stronger. First stop, the pharmacy for Vitamin B1 tablets, tea tree oil, and sorbelene creme (to make a moisturizer that also discourages Mosquitos and midges) and an antihistamine for combatting the itching bites.
We picked up some better annex poles so we can the other basic ones we bought yesterday back.
We stopped for sushi before heading back. I had taken one of the antihistamines and fell asleep on the way home, a first for me on this trip!
On our return to Kinka beach we could see that the coast was strong and gusty as was forecast and they weren't wrong.
The wind really shook the van in big gusts which made it difficult to nap and I kept waking up when the tarp flapped really hard onto the van above my bed. Combined with the tablet I took and the interrupted sleep left me a little cranky. Poor Jim! We tightened everything and then threw a rope around the tarp to stop the flapping which worked a little bit and I tried to nap again.
When I woke up late Jim had undone all the windows so that the wind blew through the van and the shaking was greatly reduced but we had to close up everything before bed in case it rained and sure enough it did, on and off during the night and the wind didn't let up.
We had BBQ fish and I made a salad, we'd picked up on a quick shopping supply stop in Yeppoon.

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Our backyard at Coolwater


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Our new setup at Coolwater Holiday Park


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Day 33 Sat 26 Mar 11 Rockhampton to Kinka Beach

Learning from our mistake

sunny 37 °C

Up early and after a couple of coffees and Jimmi made bacon and eggs for breakfast, I packed up the inside of the van ready for our return. It was a coolish morning and was a little overcast so we wouldn't be packing up the rest in the heat which is good.
By 8.30am we were out of the park and heading to Kinka Beach via Yeppoon, only 45mins. The scenery went from hilly eucalypts and scrub to plains with mountains in the distance to two random rocky hills in the middle of the pasture land! Then down the hills to the beach.  The shoreline because of low tide was wide, maybe 20-30m of beach.  We drove on to Kinka Beach and found Coolwaters holiday park is on the lake as well as across the road from the beach. Elizabeth, at Reception invited us to inspect the sites available - perfect - just at the bush walking trails, the lake 20m away and in the back quiet part of the park. We thanked her and went up the road to the next park. It was ok but not as good as Coolwater and no ensuite, so we headed back to Coolwater for Elizabeth to book us in. 
We dropped into a camping supply store in Yeppoon on the way back to get the proper annex poles, then the trip back to Rockhampton.
10.30am we arrived back at Country Club of accommodation (what a misnomer!) and we told the weekend caretaker we'd changed our minds and were moving to the beach. He said when we came back on Monday to collect our mail (precious Nespresso coffee parcel) we'd get our money back. So we packed up in the heat and headed back at 11.40am.
The gps took us the back by skipping going through Yeppoon township this time, arriving at 12.20pm.  It took us 1hr25mins to set up and unpack completely. Jim checked the barometer/temperature device and it said 36.5 degrees! No wonder I'm pooped!
We took the boys with us to the pool as usual but the sign at the pool gate with the do's and don'ts didn't mention dogs! So in they came. We tied them up at first and went for a swim, then let them off and sat in the kiddies pool.  Tank and Levi ran around like crazy and rolled under the bushes and finally Tank jumped in.  Once he'd been in, he ran around with Levi and in bypassing the kiddies pool he'd jump in, bight a few splashes, and launch himself out, sliding on the pebblecrete!  Very funny to watch.
A nap and then in the late afternoon, dusk, we both took the boys for a walk.  We tried one of the trails behind our site but it finished rather quickly at a swamp!  So back passed the van and over to the lake.  A tiny little beach where we played fetch when we realised the water is shallow for 10m and Tank ran in and out of the water.  Levi was content to smell all over the beach and then steal the stick off Tank as he got closer to the beach.
We then walked out the main entrance and down the road to the entrance onto the ocean beach.  It was maybe 20m of sand since the tide was still out.  It was dark by now and although lots of stars there aren't any street lights so before even reaching the surf which had lots of breakers maybe because the offshore wind had picked up bringing a cooler breeze, we turned back and tried to retrace our steps to find the path back to the street.  Jim found it, I was about 5m off.
Back at the van, it was cooler but still a bit humid so we left the boys outside for a bit to dry off from their swim.
We probably need to go out shopping tomorrow and we dicussed getting some mozzie bracelets to help fend off the midgies as Jimmi now has a few bights.  His bights tend to swell pretty quickly, itch for a bit then go away whereas I got bitten a couple of days ago and I haven't had a full nights sleep, waking up to put on more Stingoes and waiting for it to dry, then going back to sleep.  By which time Levi has moved over and taken my spot in bed.  He is an immoveavle object when it comes to his spot on the bed.  The trick is one of us get the boys onto the other bed and hold them there whilst the other gets in bed and settled.  Then we "release the hounds" and they charge up to the "in bed" persons bed and find their spot. Usually Jimmi gets in bed first and then holds the dogs off on his bed until I get in mine coz then they swap beds and sleep most of the night with me.  Its generally because the air conditioner blows air on to Jimmi's bed and gets too cold for the boys but they live on his bed during the hotter parts of the day or when we've come back from a walk to cool down.
This park is definitely a great sport and we'll probably check out some fishing spots where the boys can run around for tomorrow - checked out Causeway Lake on Google Earth.  A big day ends and I look forward to relaxing here at Coolwater Holiday Park.  
Did you know they even have Deluxe Ensuite powered sites?  They have your own laundry as well as a loo!  They were all booked out when we asked.
Just about to log off and the wind suddenly picked up and wobbled the van! Might just be an interesting night.

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Roos grazing behind our van this morning


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