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Day 9 Wed 2 Mar 11 Coffs Harbour to Lismore, NSW

Change of plans

semi-overcast 36 °C

Up at 6am and I made breakfast - not on the BBQ! Eggs on toast, only I burned Jimmi's toast under the griller and the eggs fell apart when I transferred them to the toast - imperfect breakfast. I'll get better with practice. All a matter of timing. The boys and I off on our walk, stayed on the Showground side this morning.
Finally left at 10.30am even though check out is 10am. The pop top wouldn't come down, think it was up too long without extra support for the air con. Because the lay of the land wasn't even the supports (broom handles cut to the one size at the recommendation of Betta Caravan dude, Dave) didn't work, even though we levelled the caravan. Once all packed and top finally down, Jimmi went across the road for adjustable supports (extendible poles like the ones that support an annex but with rubber stoppers at both ends) whilst I took boys for another walk.
Once on the road the engine light came on at 12.20pm. Made a couple of stops at rest areas but light still on.  
112kms out of Lismore we were passed by a Vintage Motorcycle Museum transport can with a trailer - on it a Delorian!  
Jimmi noted that If travelling at over 2000rpm, the power drops completely, almost as if gears disengage. Can maintain 60kph or 80kph if a run up but usually maximum is 70kph. After a rest can go up to 3000rpm and 80kpm and almost normal driving conditions.
Looked up the nearest Jeep dealer listed in the Jeep Sat Nav - fancy little extras that have been invaluable so far. So we changed our destination from Ballina to Lismore. Jimmi called the Jeep dealer, explained the situation, already had the Jeep looked at in Coffs Harbour and cleared - he said drive right in.
Arrived at North Coast Chrysler dealership at 3.30pm and Jim and Michael set up at appointment for next day at 8am. Jim took off and drove straight into the steel post we'd parked in front of in the driveway! Only broke the floodlight cover and damaged the licence plate surround. Bull bar to the rescue. No one too fussed when we told them what happened and got them to come out and look at their steel pole which now has a slight list to it! Oops!
Drove down the road a bit to Lismore Lake Caravan Park. Lovely little old caravan park and a cement site with an ensuite for $28/n on a lake that is closed due to algae bloom! Lots of trees and birds. Wildlife so far includes a desicated frog in the gutter! Although Jim says with the recent rain, after we dashed back into Lismore to Woolworths for dinner makings and some drinks, that he's hoping the frog will make a comeback! Lots of bugs around the street lamp and later on the toads came out. Jimmi explained the difference between toads and frogs. Had roast lamb on the BBQ for dinner.
Took the dogs for a wee walk but they were too distracted by chasing the toads to pee. Funny to watch them spot the toads and race over to them only to get a surprise when the toads jumped away. The boys chased the toads as they jumped away to the next spot and sniffed at them until they hopped away again. The boys lost interest if the toads stayed still. On to find the next moving object - surprise, another toad!

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I am sure the brekki would of tasted great . . it was made with much love afterall :) Putting down and unfriendly pop up can be a real pain especially when your eager to get going on the next leg of your exciting trip . . .a/con is a bit of a luxury eh :) Mod cons in cars are not only cool to have but are also very handy! Hmmm this Jeep sounds like it is causing you guys a few headaches . . what's the go? You know what they say . . less haste Wart! Well at least there was no major demage :) Ahhhh Lisemore you either love the place or really hate the place - for a short visit it is ok . . longer one however not so sure. Cane toads . . .the only good thing for them is using them for golfing practise - remember those earlier days from our youth Wart? Even closer to us now . . .

by Ansett

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