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Day 29 Tue 22 Mar 11 Hervey Bay to 1770

Travel day and spectacular weather 30deg & clear skies

sunny 30 °C

Up at 5.30am for a coffee. The boys and I went for a shorter walk than usual but we were back by 6.30am. It's so humid at the moment I jumped in for a cool shower and decided to wear shorts and a kini top to finish packing. 
We were driving out the gates at 8.35am with Jim having had a quickie shower/rinse when we'd finished and a chat to one of the caretakers as I dropped off our ensuite key and bought a couple of drinks to refresh. Here we come 1770!
Remember how I said previously that I didn't realize how low lying the coast roads and areas around are.  We just passed over a piece of road tho that takes the cake.  There was water right up to the bitumen  and the fish farm said closed and there was a for sale sign in the water where fence poked up out of the water! "Roadway subject to Flooding" was an unnecessary sign!  A little down the road that this area is part of a floodway. 
Our first flooded road crossing at Torbenlea, wasn't all that impressive but I'm hoping any more are just like that. 
Now we're off all the back roads out of Hervey Bay and onto the Bruce Highway.
Now we have blue skies and only a couple of grey clouds. The breeze through the car -fantastic!
Passed over Pig creek then Little Pig Creek and Jimmi says "there must be two more coz you can't just have one little pig!" silly Jimmi.
Lots of roadworks and big works for new Isis River Bridge, river was high and running pretty fast. Pulled into a little servo but at the tables off to the side was a sign "no dogs" so we pulled out again.  We'll wait till the Childers Roadhouse. A sign "8 mins to the world's freshest peanuts" not a sign you see everyday and I like a fresh peanut!
Starting to see orchards and cane fields coming into Childers.
Just before the "Snakes Downunder" advertising sign, Jim reminds me that I need to take a walking stick with me on my walks with the boys to block them from snakes.
Childers was a lovely little town but didn't stop due to limited parking with the van, even passed the Peanut man - no peanuts for Jimmi.
Just out of Childers we stopped a at servo and had steak sandwiches and a cup of our good coffee. 10am back on the road. Jimmi said I was getting a bit predatory about the food/cafe spots - well it was well passed my breakfast time. We'd only had an apple as we pulled out - too hot.
We've started heading a little inland which you can tell because there are inclines as opposed to the flatter, lowlands coastal roads.
Passing rolling hills of cane fields swaying in the breeze, then just opening out into rolling hills.
Just before the Burnett River Bridge we were checking out the orchards wondering what fruits they were when we looked over the side and I missed getting a photo of the damage the recent floods made. You could see how far across the river had widened to and all the trees damaged and dying as a result of the huge water force. Must have been really high.
The wind is very hot and there seem to be more clouds but still blue skies.
Just passed by an AWD tour bus for Heritage Tours, pretty cool setup. Sign says Cape York, Gulf Savannah, The Kimberley, and Alice Springs.  Wonder where they started and if their going all the way north this trip?
I think we're leaving this lot of cane fields behind as we again head uphill.
Since the breakfast stop there's been all these little bright yellow butterflies heading in both directions across the road. They seem to be at the whim of the wind currents and the passing traffic gusts coz they appear to flutter haphazardly across our field of vision. Some don't make it! (sad face)
We slow down to pass through Gin Gin township, bigger than Childers and more modern.  Childers seemed to have more charm and an historic town feel.
The next rest stop, the sign says is in 56kms - nothing like giving you plenty of warning!
Noticed this trip not much road kill. Only one very dead kangaroo of on a side road. It's been either birds or small marsupials but not heaps which is good. We saw quite a few wildlife corridors prior to Brisbane and koala crossing signs and in Pialba (Hervey Bay) there was a camel crossing sign but think that's because they have camel rides on the beach.
After all the roadworks we're going through and two line highway, I'm glad Jimmi got the new mudflaps.
Finally a banana plantation!  Oops. Blink and it's gone.
Jimmi's complaining again that my duties as navigator include DJ and that I am doing poorly at my job!  Can't blog and DJ!
More flood damage at Kolonga Creek with debris halfway up tall trees and meters of dead grass on either bank showing where the water reached.
We stopped at the rest stop next to Granite Creek and I have to say disappointing. The ladies loos were backed up and not flushing. Generally unkept with benches needing repair and the downpipe catching the rainwater runoff for big tanks also needing repair. I have to say overall NSW does it better along the roads we've travelled so far.  Not to say all of NSW is as well looked after.
Off the Bruce Highway at Miriam Vale for 1770.
Plantation trees, dairy cows and floodway signs. A lot more potholes and patch jobs!
Arrived at Captain Cook Caravan Park.  We've got a spot amongst the trees.  The first thing we did, after putting the boys in the shade, and after getting the caravan leveled off ... A swim in their gorgeous pool.  Just took off to and shorts and jumped in. PS I wore a bathing suit under my tank top and shorts today coz it was so hot. 
Back to work and got everything set up. We laughed ourselves silly when we set up the big awning with the new poles and they fell out because they were too short!  Back to the pool. This time we too the boys and secured them where they could see us. With Tank whimpering we decided to take them to the beach. We drove all around 1770 to the headlands and back and chose a spot. The tides were out so the boys played on the sand and got to get a bit muddy - their favorite. We saw little colonies of blue soldier crabs scrambling up the beach in clusters and when disturbed, burrowed in the sand and disappeared.
Back in the Jeep we drove into Agnes Water to check out the shops. I made a massage appointment for the next day, found a cafe that serves Tobys Coffee (Yay), found a beach shop that sells and does tailor made bathing suits, and a couple of cafes.
We tried to drive to the beach near Agnes Water but you can only go so far then you have to get out and walk - another day perhaps.
We drove back to the van park, washed all the mud and sand off the boys, and whilst Jim put on the lamb to roast on the BBQ, the boys and I went for a walk.
It was 6.15pm and twilight, so we were going OK for a bit then it got darker.  We walked for 15mins until we ran out of pavement at the beginning of Agnes Waters accommodation estates.  I still get a kick out of the boys scenting a toad then charging after it only to jump when the toad jumps at them then they lose instant interest when it stops.
Turning back it was even darker skies.  They were clear for the first time since Coffs Harbour and thousands of stars made their appearance.  Whilst I was thinking of ways to describe the trees silouetted against darkening backdrop, I heard a continuous noise.  It registered that it was a bicycle heading for us out of the dark in time for me to jerk the boys off the path.  My first reaction was to tell the young kid off "your supposed to have a light on your bike you know, or at least reflective lights".  He was just as stunned to see us even though I was wearing a white t-shirt.  I sounded just like my Mother, see keeping up the Franklin tradition.
On our return the boys and I were knackered.  I went and had a shower and Jim set the meat aside to rest.  We ate Oriental Soy & Garlic marinated lamb. Soooo good.  We do like the Weber Baby Q, its done us well through breakfast, brunches, and many yummy dinners.
The boys had by now cooled down enough to eat.  They'll eat when their hot but then burp and roll around (doesn't appear to be the fun version) later.
Finish the blog for the day, hopefully not finish my book and bed.
Night all.

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a swim is always a way to get rid of some stress and so is a good giggle. What an adevnture you guys are having

by likeansett

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