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Day 18 Fri 11 Mar 11 Gold Coast

Coffee coffee coffee

semi-overcast 25 °C

We had two goals to achive today. Jim to take Jeep to Southport to another of John Frizelle's Jeep dealerships to solve the engine warning light isue and to buy coffee!
We had an early start so that Jim could get to Jeep when they opened. Turns out he was there till lunch time but they have a solution - replaced the fuel filter after they'd run a battery of tests and asked Jim if it first happened after he'd filled up with fuel. We've been telling everyone this from the beginning! Finally someone's listening. Anyway they recommended a trip to Tambourine Mountain which will make the Jeep work as hard as it would when pulling a trailer to see if the engine warning light comes on, and if it does they know what to do next but are hoping the fuel filter was the problem.
Whilst Jim was away the boys and I went for a run. I thought it time to step up are walks to run one way and walk back coz we're ready. As we got out the gates and just up the street, the heavens opened and it poured. I figured we're already far enough that we'd get home wet so just keep going. Unfortunately half way to our turn around spot Tank & I slipped in the only patch of mud! Hence the picture of my grazed knee! We kept going a few yards longer after I remembered how to speak English and not in weird strained sounds but I didn't want to push it since I landed completely on my knee on the concrete and it was already swelling. We walked home, arriving drenched. It was even hard to see out of my glasses for all the precipitation! A towel drying for the boys, which Levi loves but Tank tolerates for small periods, and a change of clothes for me, just as the rain stops and the sun comes out! Great timing.
I did some phoning to banking stuff done and read some more of Book 1 of the series Michele lent me. PS I admit I was sceptical but now I'm hooked. Then Jim came back.
We went for a dip in the pool. Taking turns to go for a swim and dog sit since there were too many kids around and Tank was a little skittish today which meant he barked if they came to close, which frightens the kids - he has a deep bark for a young dog, and we didn't want to disturb others either. A couple of laps in, then back to the camper to get ready for our journey into Brisbane to Nespresso for coffee.
It was about a 40 mins drive and Freeway all the way. There were two accidents on the opposite side only 50 metres apart which stuffed up traffic in both directions. We listened to the truckies on the cb radio to find out what was going on when suddenly the traffic slowed.
Driving around Brisbane City to get to the Myer store in Queen Street was a bit of a mission when we first missed a turn off but no stress. Jim found a park in a parallel street to the mall and dashed into Myer and bought a coffee supply. We might order it online and have it posted next time.
There was still traffic on the return as the Friday afternoon traffic merged with the post accident traffic. It always seems quicker on the way home. Even with the slower traffic it kept moving.
Just on twilight the boys and I went for a run or should I say a light jog. I was mindfull of my swollen knee but felt it was worth a try. We managed a slow jog up the street and at the turn around I felt OK so we continued all the way home. It felt really good.
One of the staff dogs got loose and rushed to meet Levi and Tank which was fine for a minute until Tank started to panic and then Levi became his protector and switched to defence. The owner had made it to us by then and had a hold of his dog so no problems. Its funny I wasn't worried even when I saw the dog charging toward us, I'd seen him (dog) earlier in the day and he seemed very confident as well as relaxed so although he was a big dog (not as big as Levi) but bigger than a Staffy, I didn't feel threatened and neither did Levi until 6mth old Tank got nervous. Mind you I also didn't just stand there. I got in a position facing away from the new dog, moving my dogs so they weren't head on. Fear or anxiety, uncertainty can turn into an act of aggression or defence if there's a face to face confrontation. Eye contact can escalate any situation, so we were pretty good and the guy was pretty quick, he'd also called out whilst running that his dog wasn't agressive. Reassuring as that might be, it really depends on the dynamics of both dogs, in my case the weakest link, Tank, his fears escalated the other two which had been ok til then. I'll have to catch up the the owner, staff, tomorrow and let him know everythings all right. I got the dogs to sit for a few minutes and then move on so that the experience isn't confrontation and quick retreat. But to switch back to calm, and walk back to the van.
Since we'd been jogging I was all sweaty and yuck so whilst Jim puppy sat and the boys lay out on the cool cement, I went and had a shower.
What another lovely day in Queensland. I caught up with a friend over the phone who owns a cafe in Carrara, so we're off to his cafe for breakfast. Can't wait. I haven't seen Eric or Josh since last year's Sydney Royal Easter Show, where we both worked.
It's funny some people see all the restrictions and don't look for the opportunites. We've been told by a number of people how strict Queensland is about dogs and taking them anywhere. We've had no problems. We have a lovely caravan park, a cafe up the street which I jog past with the boys said we're welcome to come and then there's Eric's cafe at the Carrara Markets. Lots of opportunities and so far we haven't had any problems.
Looking forward to bed and up early for breakfast with all my boys at the Carrara Cafe.

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Queensland is a great state . . .never believe what outsiders or those with limited minds have . . .continue to enjoy the trip with the boys as I am sure they are havinng a ball

by likeansett

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