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Day 16 Wed 9 Mar 11 Lismore to Gold Coast

Will they ever let us leave?

semi-overcast 25 °C

Normally I write I the Blog in the evenings to capture the day but being stuck on the side of the road halfway between somewhere and another place gives you time! I started to write the blog but by the end of the day was a little over everything and just wanted to sleep, so obviously I'm finishing this the day after!
Let me explain. Everything went to schedule, right up until we connected Jeep to the campervan. A loud beeping said something wasn't right. We're a bit cluey like that! So uncoupled we went into Lismore to Repco to buy another 7 pin towing cable connector, thinking that was the problem. Connected the new device, same problem. It was now 10.30am and we'd missed checkout again! The ladies at Lismore Lake Caravan Park were cool though.
Off to Jeep so they could work out the problem! 11.30 drove to Jeep with beeping sound. All indicators worked so it was safe.
11.39am drove out of Jeep with problem solved. Fridge was changed over to battery but we forgot to change the campervan switch to "towing with fridge on". Mechanic foreman mentioned current back from van to car when Jim remembered the fridge!  All fixed and on the road.
20mins later on the hills to Clunes the engine heating light came on with it's warning 10 chimes. Jim pulled over and we read the book. After 5 mins back on the road and the indicator went back up to hot and the chiming stated again and didn't stop. So we pulled over again. Jim looked under the hood and saw the coolant was dry and the cap loose.
11.59am called Northern Rivers Jeep and spoke to Prudence, Michael in a meeting and would be out in 5 mins so will call back.
15 mins later Jim calls back, Prudence says Michael still meeting. Jim asked for the mechanic Foreman only to be told he was with a client. Prudence said the records don't show coolant was touched. Jim asked for Michael or the foreman to call back coz we're sitting on the side of the road.
Jim then called Jeep Assist at 12.25pm to open a case just in case NOrthern Rivers Jeep dont cop to draining the fluid.
Called at 12.39 pm and spoke to foreman who says they were never under the hood in the 5 days they had the car, which isn't true since Jim went in to get stuff our of the Jeep and the hood was up.  He suggested adding water til we get to next Jeep dealer and buy Jeep coolant.
Jim then called Jeep Assist and they confirmed that distiller water was best but tap water will do and only add Jeep coolant or you'll get white gluggy mess.
Back on the road through Clunes and just before the railway overpass at 1.36pm engine warning light back on and loss of power. Our original problem is back! We stopped where it was safe, right at the Binna Burra sign.
Called Michael in Service at Northern Rivers Jeep at 1.07pm told him engine warning light back on and loss of power over 2000rpm also filled him in on coolant problem. He said either come back or go to Tweed Heads Jeep as they are their big dealer and have more spare parts.So 1.13pm back on the road!
1.26pm stopped at rest stop. Water in coolant container is brown and smelled like burnt water. After it cooled a bit Jim added more water.
1.45pm back on the road to Tweed
2.28pm reached Tweed Jeep.
2.44pm left. Coolant no problem. Get some at next dealership. Add when engine cold - 5ltr bottle. Tweed Jeep is a John Frizelle Automotive group same as NR Jeep. They said get caravan set up then take to Southport Jeep to get engine light problem fixed. Service Manager, mechanic and a couple of others came out to check on coolant. Said water colour was ok. Coolant is a concentrate so it is topped up with water anyway.  So no problems driving to Gold Coast. Suggested check water pump pressure.
2.56pm NSW time entered Qld! 
FINALLY arrived at Gold Coast Holiday Park in Helensvale.  How refreshing.  The staff are all delightful.  We got a buggy escort to our site and Wayne even directed Jim to put the campervan less than an inch off the slab - better than I could, so we could use the slab for our awning covered entertainment area.  They have a pool, jumping thingy, tennis court and border an Environmental Park.  Don't quite know why its called that but there's a little (very) pond and heaps of grassed area for the boys and I to walk.  They said if we walk in the unmowed areas of the park to be careful to check dogs for ticks as there's been two reports thats where the dogs got them so we might skip the bush walks.
After setting up and sitting down for a coffee, we had a visit from Blert - remember him from his trip down to see us in Byron on Saturday?  He looked like he'd been to the Gym although he says he's not, he's just working with a physio, so I didn't mind that I wasn't exactly all done up for company.  He's practically family anyway.
The boys and I had a big walk and then joined Jim.  Since we were all sweaty and the day was still warm even though the sun went down.  Jim snuck off and went for a swim.  It was so good he encouraged me to go.  Not being one for cool water, after the first girly steps into the coolish pool, I enjoyed myself.  A couple of laps and then some stretches and a little floating and I felt heaps better.
We ducked up the street to the convenience store for snacks and bread and stuff just after our walk, so ended up having snack dinner as we were both a bit knackered.
Poor Levi, his ear's been bothering him, as it does on occasion and although I'd given him allergy tablets it looked like he needed the heavy duty ones as well as the cream.  But you know when you've got an itch or something is sore and even when you've taken something for it or put cream on, it still drives you crazy.  That was Levi.  He has the most pathetic looking face, he looks so miserable that its heartbreaking that you can't make it better instantly.  He's a dog so it doesn't matter how many times you tell him not to scratch his ear, he stops and looks at you but the ear still hurts so he starts scratching again.  Unfortunately it takes a while for the tablets to work and I know his ear will be better soon but watching him suffer is torture.
Started Misch's new book series she lent me for this trip.  Just read a couple of pages but the opening chapter bodes well for the book.

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