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Day 13 Sun 6 Mar 11 Lismore Lake

Still here!

semi-overcast 25 °C

Sleep in and naps. Turns out Jim woke up feeling really ordinary. As Jim puts it "he was hit big time by the cranky/sleepy stick." but once he was up and a snack later, we made plans for East Ballina beach. Midday we set out.
We didn't quite get to the beach. Lots of no dogs signs so we drove around a bit and found a really nice take away/corner store next to a Big 4 Shaws Park Caravan Park on Ballina's North Creek. It was the best value feed. It had pork ribs with salad and chips and Jim had "The Shawsy" steak burger. Whilst Jimmi waited for the food on the log picnic tables, the boys and I checked out the little shoreline park, then they dragged, and I do mean dragged! me back to Jimmi.
On our way back to Lismore, Jimmi started to feel a bit yuck again, like this morning - sleepy. So we stopped in the IGA Carpark at Goonellabah for Jim to have a rest. The boys and I set out for a walk to give him some peace. Ever try and put your seat back in the car with the dogs in the back seat? No rest just licking!
We set off down the street which over the crest turned out to be a really steep hill and me in my flip flops! Careful steppage! At the bottom of the road almost tucked out of view by the trees was a stunning little creek, see photo for the lilies on the slow moving side.  The opposite side was lower so there was a small spillway which from the roadway above sounded like a little waterfall - the boys and I checked it out on the return trip. We traveled to the side street which turned out to be a cul de sac with a preschool and a little overgrown park alongside the creek. The boys had some off leash time making a bee line for the creek and all the lizards plopping into the water fascinates them. They don't seem to want to catch anything but it if runs they'll chase it!
Back up the steep hill to the car where Jimmi has woken up and was having a stretch. Not 10 mins later and we're home, Lismore Lake.
Jimmi still not feeling flash went for a sleep with the boys whilst I read. After a bit the boys got restless which usually means they need a loo break because otherwise they can nap for hours. I took the opportunity to go get change for the washer and dryer, and with the boys on route for a new walk destination- today I thought we'd venture across the Highway to the Airport (directly across)! - we put on a weeks worth of washing which should be ready for the dryer by the time we return. Oh the domestic in me - it wont last long and he better not get used to it! Haa haa. Since he's the chef and doing all the cooking I suppose it wouldn't kill me to do the washing - it might psychologically scar me, but shouldn't hurt me!
Once off the leash in the little area beside the airport wind sock, Levi and Tank, well they just frolic! Off the leash they are different dogs, they chase each other, play, occasionally trip each other, all whilst looking back to check Jim or I are still with them. I swear Levi smiles as he bounds through the tall grass, or gallops on the beach - we discovered he loves sand. Tank is the same, he has longer legs so he leaps and chases Levi, taunting him to play. Every so often Levi smacks him if he gets too frisky. They seem more subdued on the leash. Although Tank was being a teenager today and pulling and circling to tangle the leads, driving Levi and I nuts.
I'm glad the boys were so busy frolicing to not notice the very large rabbits who did see them and sprinted across the tarmac. Not sure the 6 foot cyclone fencing would have stopped Levi. Like I said I don't think he's interested in the animal itself just chases anything that runs away e.g. The toads, once they were still he lost interest immediately and the lizards by the river we discovered yesterday on our walk.
Washing transferred to the dryer and the boardshorts on our clothesline between the annex poles, the boys settled down for a nap outside with me whilst I read and gave Jim some uninterruped snoozetime.
He got up about 4.30pm and proceeded to fall intermittently asleep as I read and did trips back to the laundry to check on the dryer and finally bring back our belongings. By this time he was awake and after a coffee, said he actually felt better.
I think we'll just have sandwiches tonight - nothing too fancy, catch up on the blogging since I hadn't published yesterdays, read and perhaps retire early. I think the hire car is giving me a back ache. Don't get me wrong its very comfy and has heaps of leg room but like most sedans, you strtch out your legs and your chair isn't really upright so you end up putting a lot of pressure on your lower back. In the jeep you sit quite upright and although plenty of leg room its different, its not for lounging your legs forward, it more supported and like sitting in a chair - better for your back. Its designed that way for support since the Wrangler is designed specifically for off roading and you need to be secure and supported yet still comfortable. Can you tell I miss the Jeep?
Night all! Can't wait to get back to my book. I'm right in the middle and things are really building up. No, Misch I haven't started the series you gave me yet but at least I'm a book closer to starting!
Funny thing Jimmi said today "a caravan is a grown up's cubby house"!

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