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Day 12 Sat 5 Mar 11 Lismore Lake

Venture to Byron Bay to meet Blert

semi-overcast 25 °C

Good Morning rain!  We're planning on catching up Blert in Byron so we set out just after 9am.  Arriving in Byron it was a comedy of errors trying to meet up since none of us knew where we were.  Hire car doesn't have sat nav so iPhone to the rescue again!  We said we'd meet at the Maddog Surf shop omly who knew they have their main place on the road out of town where Blert was waiting and we were looking for their shop in town!  From his directions we thought we couldn't miss the big yellow building once we'd gotten onto the right road but we did!  Double backed and found him patiently waiting in his zippy new red Cruise.  It was half an hour after our scheduled time - bummer!
We drove in convoy into Byron Bay and found the beachside carpark, and with the boys in tow, walked the streets looking for a cafe with outdoor seating to accommodate the boys.  Mokha, a popular cafe, had lovely coffee and service, not to mention the pretty ladies (Jim's addition to the blog). After a couple of coffees each and much catching up with Blert (his real name has been changed to protect his identity), we ventured out again to find another cafe for lunch, just for another experience.  
Around the corner some buskers started playing which was ok until we came level to them and they started using a drum.  Tank freaked out and we quickly found another lane to different streets to investigate.  We finally made our way back to Mokha due to no available outdoor table or another dog already in residence at the cafe.  Levi thinks other dogs might potentially be a food source that needs to be checked out and Tank was still jumping at shadows and clinging to Mom.  So glad we went back, I had a Morrocan chicken salad that was just devine (Misch you would love it - toasted almonds, funny lettuce etc) and Jim and Blert both had a Turkish bread sandwich with smoked salmon, red onion, cream cheese, and butter lettuce.  They didn't toast the Turkish bread which they both said made the difference.  You could enjoy the texture and flavours without the bread overpowering either.  We're palanning to go back on Monday.
Finally we farewelled Blert after much laughter and stories knowing we're catching up with him and his co-conspirator soon on the Gold Coast, just as the weather turned.  It bucketed down for a bit then we seemed to beat the clouds and we decided on a little detour.
Eltham, 5kms from Boxham, 11km from Lismore. A historic railway town. There is a really lovely pub, tennis courts (you have to get the keys from the pub!), a Gallery, and an old (116yrs old) railway hut (in desperate need of restoration) and they tell us a school and a restaurant further down the road a bit, which make up this town. The ultimate "blink and you've missed it" town.  The main strip was 150-200m long!  A couple of chickens and a rooster live next door to the pub who treat the road as their own and move put of the way of cars (not that many!) in their own time as another motorist and we found out. 
Met another guy who was at the pub for a buck's outing, who's picture of his dog looked like "just like Levi" only this time his dog did! Could have been out of the same litter.  Most people who say that and then show us the picture, the dog doesn't look anything like him!
Leaving Eltham and back on the main road, Jimmi stopped just before Boxham at the local store (all by itself!) and he came back with stories of Herbs and spices - vast aray, good variety of local veggies and fruit (bought lychees and strawberries), amongst the coolant, ag pipe, at the counter fast food and freshly made curries. They also offered Indian catering!
As an aside, we've Decided against buying from Rivers stores any more. One of the shorts I bought after a day and a half, had two seams that split (above the cuff and in the middle of the thigh - and no they are not tight shorts!) and Jim's had problems with one of his boardshorts stitching coming undone.  I can't complain about the jeans I bought, though only worn them once. Stretchy and super compfy so far.
We were pooped after our adventure out so managed fruits and breads for dinner - a snack really, before reading until bed.  Didn't really feel in the headspace to do blog but thanks to the notes taken, I could fill you in on our explorations.
Decided not buying from Rivers stores any more. One of the shorts I bought after a day and a half, had two seams that split and Jim's had problems with one of his shorts stitching coming undone.  I can't complain about the jeans I bought, though only worn them once.
Sleep in and naps. As Jim puts ir "he was hit big time by the sleepy stick." but once he was up and a snack later, we've plans for East Ballina beach. Midday we set out.
We stopped in the IGA Carpark at Goonellabah for Jim to have a rest. The boys and I set out for a walk. Down a really steep hill and me in my flip flops! Careful steppage! At the bottom of the road almost tucked out of view by the trees was a stunning little creek, see photo for the lilies on the slow moving side.  We traveled to the side street which turned out to be a cul de sac with a preschool and a little overgrown park alongside the creek. The boys had some off leash time making a bee line for the creek and all the lizards plopping into the water fascinates them.
Back up the steep hill to the car where Jimmie has woken up and having a stretch. Not 10 mins later and we're home, Lismore Lake.
Jimmie still not feeling flash went for a sleep with the boys whilst I read.

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