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Day 36 Tue 29 Mar 11 Kinka Beach to Sarina

Travel day in the wet

rain 27 °C

Tues 29/3
Woke up at 5.30am and enjoyed our first cup of the new coffee - yummo!
It poured this morning so everything is wet! The good thing  is the wind has dropped to a breeze. It stopped raining and drizzling for us to pull down and pack away. I has a quick shower and changed just before we hooked up.  I filled put a questionnaire at Reception and the only comment other than "great" was "better signage for bush walks" it really is a great park and a fabulous pool too!
Now we heard on the radio that there is flooding so once we pulled out of the park at 8.45am  I checked online for notification.
not to much to say about the trip so far. Road is a bit rough and there's a bit of roadworks going on. Lots of semis transporting mining equipment but nothing like the wideload vehicle warning that passed us followed by a police flashing lights and the semi .... The front end loader was so big and wide that it's two wheels back and front on the inside of the road were hanging off the truck! Jimmi pulled over as far as he could, half on the grass shoulder and we still thought it was going to clip us!  They weren't traveling slowly either.
We stopped at the BP servo/roadhouse just out of Marlborough and had the best burger of the entire trip so far.  In the rest area there were two little flocks of birds, the blue-faced honeyeater, and the Apostle Bird or sometimes called Happy Jack.  The Apostle Birds lays 2-5 eggs and the chicks are raised in a family group making up their own flock.  We saw another flock of them in Rocky the day before.
I forgot to tell you yesterday in the strong winds we saw 3 red tailed cockatoos gliding almost hovering in the strong gusts, barely flapping wings just adjusting to stay aloft.
Met a nice older couple who've just driven from Proserpine and they said there is some flooding ahead. They also said it's been raining for the last two days straight. So we're either going to get wet or not!  Will keep you informed.
Remember I said there are lots of mining trucks and equipment being transported and we'd been passed by a big one! Well I spoke too soon, we were just passed by another "wideload" and the semi carried only 3 wheels lying flat that stuck out 2-3 feet over the both sides of the semi. I tell you when we see the "wideload" lead car we pull over as far a possible!
We've seen a bit of road kill today mostly kangaroos but also a small marsupial and a fox. Jimmi saw a little snake making his way across the road - hope he makes it!
A testament to the amount of rain over the summer is almost every waterhole, billabong and most of the smaller creeks all have waterlillies flowering.  A delightful surprise and a reminder of the previous months of wet.
The majority of cattle herds we've seen out of Rocky have been Brahmin which makes sense based on the general type of feed available out here, it suits them.
We stopped at the rest stop next to Waverley Creek (160km out of Rockhampton). Great little spot. We went through the turnstile gate to the creek and the boys jumped in and ran all over the banks whilst I took photos and Jimmi supervised.  All the boys stopped at the picnic tables whilst I put things away, then loaded up us all! Off again at 12.50pm as it just starts a light rain.
Just over Cattle Creek the rain came down in torrents and Jimmi pulled over for about 5mins and it seemed a bit lighter although steady. Quite a bit of water just sitting on the road indicates steady rain not draining off.  Plenty of spray from opposing traffic especially the big trucks showering you in a cloud of water. You have to hope there isn't a pothole hidden by the cloud!
Heading into Carmila we started to see cane fields. Pulled across to stop at the roadhouse but nowhere safe to park. So we circled back and continued on.
We've decided to name the roadwork patrol guys as "Hero of the Day". It's raining and we've passed two separate guys in Patrol car filling individual pot holes with a shovel. What a crap job!  We appreciate you guys.
We we've arrived and only after a few hairy pothole situations that we got to the Sarina Palms Caravan Park.  We have the last site they can put anyone on because of the wet and yes, it's wet.
We got soaked setting up but considering we've been on the road for over a month and this is the first time we've been really wet, I think we've done ok.
The trip to the loo was tricky, skip shoes altogether because you sink into the grass up to your ankles and being downhill the water in the grass turns to mud in the grass. You've got to laugh. We've only unpacked the essentials and we're getting take-out for dinner so we should up and on the road early. Hopefully getting through some of the flooding out of Proserpine which we heard the truckies talking about. Apparently the water level goes up and down so the road opens and closes regularly. We'll have to wait and see.
Dry clothes, air conditioning (why? Because its humid out of the rain) and a hot cup of yummy coffee goes a long way to making all things good.
Putting a wash on and then into the dryer took an hour and a half - so long? while Jim and I read.
Our take-out in Sarina turned out to be Eagle Boys pizza, lucky they do gluten free!
A bit more light reading after taking the boys for a wet wee walk. 
Sleep well all and hope for the rain to stop or at least reduce to a drizzle!

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sounds like your travelling through a third world country . . .thank God for a good coffee as it keeps you sane

by likeansett

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